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Everyone loves the word “free” and many people get excited when they see offers for a free adult website template.  Unfortunately, many of these promotions are actually thinly veiled scams.  Either the “free” adult website template is outdated or already in use but with a different background or small button changes, or the company offering it for free just wants to get a commitment from you, so they can peg you with tons of additional fees.  The truth of the matter is that a free adult website template is usually not worth anything in the first place or isn’t actually free at all.

Understanding what goes into running a successful adult website can help you to understand why a free adult website template might not be the best choice.  For one, these templates are usually just a façade, and many times they are being offered by sites that didn’t design them in the first place, which means you run the risk of copyright infringement should you actually get your “free” adult website template up and running.  Furthermore, very few of these templates come with the programming necessary to actually use them or the kind of content that demanding adult consumers expect to get in return for a paid membership.

This is where many of the companies offering a free adult website template really get you.  To get your free template, you must agree to exaggerated hosting charges, a ridiculous startup fee, another fee for extra content, another fee for your domain name (which they usually retain ownership of), another fee for processing payments…you get the idea.  Other times a free adult website template is only free with certain stipulations.  YOU may be required to provide the content and run and host the site while forking over a significant portion of the profits.  In other words, your “free” adult website template will cost you more than buying a quality adult template from a trusted designer like in the first place. 

Don’t be lured into a trap by promises of a free adult website template.  A good product is worth something and a good company will be up front about the value you are getting and what you will pay for it.  We take pride in the quality of our adult templates, and also in the fact that we are able to offer them at such reasonable prices, but we are also sincere in our desire to see our clients succeed and don’t hinder them by withholding the resources necessary for their site to thrive.  We are up front about the fees required to start a site and the availability of additional services, but we don’t bleed our clients with hidden fees or push them to buy more than they need.  Unlike free adult website template offers, which are little more than the promise of a front page, our adult templates come as a package that already has everything you need to start making money.

Building an adult website takes a lot of resources, and not just money but time, knowledge, and technology.  Even with a free adult website template, you can expect to pay thousands just to get the site up and running.  Why not help yourself and your business by partnering with a company like ours, where you are guaranteed to get a quality product without the hassle or additional expense that comes from working with unethical suppliers (the kind that typically use free adult website template ads to attract unsuspecting customers)?  We have ten years of experience in the adult entertainment industry, and we are ready to share our expertise with you.  Don’t waste your time on free adult website template offers; you’ll save and make far more money in the long run by purchasing a quality template from a company you can trust.