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We’re willing to be that you’ve heard the saying “sex sells.”  You’ve probably already proved it true by joining an adult site or investing in some top quality porn.  Even Hollywood blockbusters use the concept to target a sexually charged population.  The future of the sex industry in definitely the Internet, and the safest and easiest way to get a piece of the adult entertainment action is by purchasing an adult web template.  While the term may sound unfamiliar, chances are you’ve already seen plenty of them (statistics show 90% of the population has).  An adult web template is basically an adult website before it’s available on the internet.

Some people might call an adult web template the skeleton of an adult site, but ours are so much more than that.  We flesh out our templates by offering more than a simple design or customized format.  We fill them to the corner of every page with hundreds of thousands of content files from the best close-up stills to the longest and most exciting videos.  Our models’ eager smiles and tight bodies peek out enticingly from 3-5 teaser pages and cover every inch of an all-inclusive member area.  And that’s not all.  The beauty of each adult web template isn’t just skin deep.  We also program your adult web template and host it, so you can have it up and running in less than a week.

Your adult template comes equipped with everything you need from that amazing adult content mentioned earlier to the experienced staff necessary to keep it running.  While you’re in charge of marketing, we get you started with a customized owner’s center full of tips and tools for increasing traffic and 20 sizzling hot banners that are sure to have your customers knocking on the cyber door of your website in seconds.  If you want more (and we all want more), then we offer several customized marketing packages that can put your site right on the adult industry map.  You want to see your site at the top of search engine results?  You’ve got it.  Do you want it featured in the most popular adult directories?  You’ve got it.  Do you want over a million visitors within your first year?  We can do that too.  There’s very little we can’t do with our expertise, your desire to succeed, and an exceptional adult template.

What does it take to get your hands on an adult template?  Probably less than you’ve already spent just viewing porn, and a lot less than it takes to build a porn site yourself.  Because we share in the profits, we endeavor to make our adult templates as affordable as possible, so our clients can start making money ASAP.  Now you’re saying, “Wait…Share the profits?  What’s my cut?”  Our clients have been very happy with that answer: 80%.  We build your adult template, turn it into an attractive and highly marketable site, run it, manage it, upgrade and update it--we’ll even promote it for an extra cost—and you get the lion’s share of the gross revenue in the form of a check or direct deposit every week of the year. 

There are no hidden fees.  There are no regulations.  You choose the type of adult template you want (from ten different exciting categories).  You even choose the site’s domain name.  You select your target audience, and then your work is done.  Within three days of receiving payment, we’ll provide you with an adult template that we guarantee will be of the best quality available today.  You’ll probably spend as much time viewing your site as you will promoting it, but why not—you’re the owner!