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One of the hottest forms of modern adult entertainment is interactive porn, and each and every adult flash template that we offer is packed with interactive features that are sure to get a positive reaction from your customers.  Flash technology was introduced only three years ago, and yet it has taken the internet by storm and revolutionized the way adult consumers view X-rated content.  You probably remember the first adult sites; a solid background and rows of categorized stills, most of which were yellowed or grainy.  The next level of online adult media was videos, and these too suffered from the same lack of quality as early images.  For a while, live sex chats were all the rage but were little more than a bare screen—hardly titillating.

The introduction of an adult flash template has made the newest and most scintillating of adult media available to the general public and not just for viewing.  Purchase an adult flash template from, and you get more than an amazing X-rated experience; you get ownership of the site itself and hundreds of thousands of erotica images, videos, and stories.  A modern adult flash template isn’t anything like sex sites of the past.  It’s bright, sleek, and stylishly designed, so that customers can find and view exactly what they want without hassle or distraction.  The “flash” in adult flash template guarantees that not only will you and your customers have access to sizzling stills of today’s best new porn stars, but you’ll have tons of interactive options.
Gone are short video clips, blurry photos, and old plain-text chats.  With an adult flash template, you get live action and live conversation; you can view real-time video streams of adult models doing things beyond your wildest dreams and even talk to them while they do it.  You get high-resolution videos at top speed with no buffering or glitches to interrupt your viewing pleasure.  An adult flash template provides all of these features and more, and you can take advantage of this groundbreaking new technology today for a fraction of the cost of building an entire site on your own. 

An adult flash template from comes with everything you need to start claiming your piece of the adult entertainment industry.  You’ll get lots and lots of the hot interactive content mentioned above, and you’ll get other erotica like stories, illustrations, and newsletters too.  Not only that, but we design your site for you.  Take a look at our sample adult flash template designs to get an idea of the quality and content of your future site.  AdultTemplates is at the top of its game in the adult industry, and we want our partners to join us there.  Our templates offer only the best of everything. 

Going beyond design, each adult flash template is fully programmed, so that you and your customers have immediate access to the real action as soon as your site is delivered.  How long does delivery take?  Only three business days after receiving your payment.  If that’s not enough, how does free maintenance sound?  That’s right, we not only design, build, and program your adult flash template, we run it too.  We handle the technology, we handle the traffic, and we handle all customer relations.  All you do is spread the word and start herding horny customers to your site.  And for your part, you’ll get 80% of the gross revenue, straight to your checking account for times a month.  With quality service and a quick return on your investment, an adult flash template may just be the best value in the adult entertainment industry.